America is in desperate need of reformation. Our culture has become polluted with godless values and me-ism. The God of the Bible that our nation was founded upon is being purged from our society through secular humanism and politically-correct rhetoric. Because of the challenge of her enemies, the church has been intimidated into a silent majority.

The seven mountain strategy is a call to answer the passivity with aggressive Christianity. We must empower the coming generation of young men and women to occupy the cultural mountains and rule them for Jesus. Scriptural values need to be established again. Can we change America? Yes! Can we transform our culture? Yes! Can we reform a nation? Yes! I believe the seven mountain strategy is a Holy Spirit-inspired way to do this. Let’s join together in our support of the coming generation.


There has been much discussion on the topic and overall mission of the body of Christ on impacting our culture. How do we do it? What does it look like? How do we get there?

The seven mountain strategy is a “how-to” strategy developed for the local church. Our desire is to provide the tools necessary to equip and train for the task at hand, and to do so in a way that produces results! Please let us know how we can assist you in affecting the seven mountains in your geographical area.

We have developed a comprehensive strategy packet which is available for purchase of $150.00.

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