The Seven Mountain Strategy is a concept that is stirring many of the top leaders of our day and compelling them to communicate it. Many incredible men and women of God have brought deep insights to this topic and continue to do so, helping the body of Christ grasp these concepts and also to give strategy. Much of their writing and teaching has served as the foundation for this project.

America is in desperate need of reformation. Our culture has become polluted with godless values and me-ism. The God of the Bible that our nation was founded upon is being purged from our society through secular humanism and politically correct rhetoric. Because of the challenge of her enemies, the church has been intimidated into a silent majority.

The Seven Mountain Strategy is a call to answer the passivity with aggressive Christianity. We must empower the coming generation of young men and women to occupy the cultural mountains and rule them for Jesus. Scriptural values need to be established again.

The iDCulture curriculum is born out of a desire to help a merging generation develop, equip and function in the Seven Mountain Strategy. It is meant to serve as a practical tool for the local church to use in this endeavor. It is also designed for use in Home Groups, Bible Studies, Home Schools, etc.

The basis of this curriculum stems from a God-breathed vision and passion for the merging generation to find their voice and take their place, but with an understanding that we must partner with the generations of the past in order to carry the Seven Mountain Strategy into the future. The synergy of the generations is the heartbeat of this curriculum’s authors and it is our hope that this is heard throughout each lesson.
The current curriculum is written on the basis of serving as an outline to the facilitator. We encourage each facilitator to bring their individual gifts, knowledge and creativity to build upon the foundation of this curriculum.

We are in the process of developing more advancing curriculum to help equip the local church to prepare this and future generations to conquer the Seven Mountains of influence. iDCulture exists to help every man, woman and child to discover and fulfill God's unique and complete purposes through their workplace calling and achieve success in the Great Commission.
We, the body of Christ live in the greatest and most crucial time on earth. May this curriculum serve as a tool in your sphere of influence to enable you to carry out the Great Commission in a way the world has yet to see.